Every Blog Needs a Test Post

Every blog need a test post. So here goes mine. Just setting up the domian and ftp publishing. Hope it works.

Update (01/31/10):
Finally the blog can go back up with new coding.

Update (12/22/08):
After trying out all blog applications out there, decided to write my own. I don’t know why. May be I’m too lazy to modify. Site has been down more than a year now.

Update (12/22/08):
Gave up on blogger.com for good. Moved to blogcfc. A happy journey. Change the layout a bit. Little bit more to be done. Now ready to blog.

Update (12/10/08):
Start working on the layout

Update (12/09/08):
Looks like everything works technically fine. But this layout looks hideous. Let's change the layout before post anything in here. See you soon.

Update (12/09/08):
Ftp works fine. But looks like iis do not take index.html file as the default page. Don't feel like messing with iis again, so changed the blog index to index.cfm from blogger.com. It is better since I'm thinking of changing everything to cfm, when I get a chance. I'm just too tired of filling bloggers capthcha verification every time I hit a submit button. Need to get out of blogger.com soon.